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Client Testimonials

Thank you to my wonderful clients for providing your testimonials. It has been a privilege to help you in your health journey!

Below are client testimonials for both CranioSacral Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage Therapy.

Click HERE for Pre/Post-Natal patient testimonials!

CranioSacral Testimonials

“I’ve had the privilege of receiving CST treatments from Sharon following all three of my cesarean surgeries. During my last surgery the doctors in the OR commented on how little scar tissue I had in my abdomen. My pelvic floor physiotherapist was in complete disbelief at how little scar tissue she could feel in my abdomen post-partum...less than most people who have only had one c-section! Through her careful and gifted hands Sharon has guided my body to optimal healing and removal of scar tissue."


Lymphatic Drainage Testimonials

"I broke my ankle a decade ago - badly enough to have permanent plates and screws holding it all together.  As a result, for years my ankle had little range of movement.  It ached all the time and would swell dramatically when I walked much at all.  At the end of the day I typically had to put my foot up as well as take a pretty heavy dose of ibuprofen to even sleep.  I went to see Sharon and we did a number of sessions of lymphatic drainage work on my body and ankle.  I felt a difference right away.  After a few sessions, the swelling was dramatically reduced, along with reduced pain and more range of movement.  My ankle hardly swells anymore unless I'm doing more strenuous activity.  The lymphatic work really made a difference!"


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